Recommended Companies

Recommendations for Insurance Companies 

Best Insurers:

Chubb Group                                                             

Other Insurers to Consider:


Philadelphia Contributionship                                                        1-888-627-1752


Amica                                                                                                    1-800-242-6422


Westfield Group                                                                               1 (800) 243-0210

MetLife                                                                                               1 (800) 638-5433

Hartford                                                                                             1 (860) 547-5000


Please note: this is not a complete list of all worth-while property insurance companies.  It is a list of the companies we have learned play the most fair.  If you are interested in a company and they are not listed here, contact me and I will share whatever I can learn with you.  However, do avoid the companies that market the most heavily, as these seem to be the ones who are the most awful when you need them, in my experience.

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