Companies to Avoid

Rule of Thumb – Avoid those companies that advertise most heavily.

Allstate – Their proprietary-language version of the Homeowners series of insurance policies generally provide less coverage.  Convincing them of what their policy does cover and then the costs to make it happen is above average in effort.

Nationwide – Will not pay to match undamaged materials.  Think about your dishwasher leaking and damaging one cabinet.  They will pay to replace the damaged cabinet, but none of the rest of the cabinets.  So, unless your cabinets are still available, you will have one new cabinet that does not look like the others or you will pay out of your pocket to replace all of the other cabinets so they are the same again, just like before the loss.

Farmers – Next Generation policy – so many exclusions, they nearly negate having the policy at all.  Premiums have been reported to be higher than other, often better, policies.

State Farm – Often incredible hoops to jump through in order to make them pay correctly.  Zero mold coverage and reason for mold is not relevant.


The Top Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America